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Top 9 Powerful SEO Tips you MUST not ignore

Keyword seo ranking

Optimizing you website for Search Engines

You have done an excellent job of putting out a quality and 100% genuine article that has passed all plagiarism checkers. I would have said WOW!! You did a magnificent job, but getting your content found by search engines will have made your job a superb one. I guess you must be familiar with the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here is the deal writing your article with keywords that will improve your blog ranking is highly essential.
However here are some top SEO tips to assist your blog rankings.

Make use of targeted keywords

Make use of the Google keyword tool to get new keyword ideas and select keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to your target market and integrate them into your blog posts. If you are in the local business service niche, you should be precise and include keywords in your service area. For instance using New Jersey Landscape is better than Landscape.

Use the title tag accurately

Search engine spiders mostly pay attention to titles, you might want to ensure that you use your keywords well. Here is a tip, keywords in the title are ranked by importance from left to right so ensure that your title contains your best keywords. For instance <title> Make Money Blogging </title>. However, there is a 65 title character limit you will want to use it well, and ensure you avoid unnecessary long and meaningless titles that can piss off your readers. Write it in such a manner that is catchy and attention grabbing.

Create a description tags and title for each page

Ensure that each page within your website or blog has its own unique, descriptive meta tag and title. However, don’t use the same title and description for same pages.

Get High PR Backlinks

It is valuable to get backlinks from High PR websites. You need to get backlinks from blogs or website that is related to your niche; that’s the way it can be valuable. later on in subsequent posts i will be giving a downloadable list of High PR sites you can post articles and get backlinks from.

Make sure you use the correct Anchor text in internal links and backlinks

Anchor text are texts that make links clickable. For instance. <a href “http://www.example.com”>Anchor text</a>. Always use your primary keywords in anchor texts when linking your site to other sites or in the case of internal linking. For instance <a href “http://www.example.com”>make money online</a> if make money online is your keyword.

Proper use of the Alt tag and title attributes

Search engine spiders search through your website for texts and not images, so you will have to give images a descriptive and keyword optimized alt attributes. Title attributes also can be used to describe links and divs. For example.
<img src=”http://www.example.com/earnings.jpg” alt=”photo of earning proofs” />
<table title=”your title”>Your Content</table>

Use expressive keyword rich file names

Ensure that the image in your blog post or website are detailed enough and contain your primary keywords when possible.
Here it is assuming you have an image,  USE: Blogging-tips.jpg and
Instead of the default image title img034.JPG


Do a sitemap, preferably a .xml sitemap. This puts all the links on every page of you website in a single place which resultantly makes it easier for search engine spiders to access all your pages. Almost all sites put their sitemap in the footer. You can try out the Google XML sitemap.

Generate unique and relevant articles

Content is king, as they say, to ensure maximum results if you can integrate all the above-named process in addition to a high quality and unique content, it won’t take long before your blog starts to appear at the search engines 1st page.
If you want the real formula to get your blog found by search engines there, you have it. You can never go wrong with implementing these strategies. I will be talking about keyword research in the next post.

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