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SEO Tips to get Free Traffic from Google

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At first, we need to talk about why the need for SEO, SEO which simply means Search Engine Optimization. Fundamentally, it is a practice of optimizing off-site and on-site factors on your web pages so that Google and other search engines can place your website on top on the Search Engine Result Page. There are some search engine optimization basic practices you can carry out without being a SEO professional or having to hire a SEO services company to carry out. If you can learn some few blog SEO tips that I will be giving out, then you are way up ahead your competitors. This means more exposure and more organic traffic for your blog that you don’t have to maintain.
However, there are numerous people out there who have no ideas about how to get their posts ranked. If you are a multi-level marketing (MLM) blogger, this tips you will get will help you get more sales, and it will give you a tremendous advantage over other internet marketers.

8 SEO Blogging Tips to rank your blog and get your blog found on the top 10 search engines

1.     Ensure you research a keyword before you write your posts. You can make use of the free Google Keyword Tool, input your relevant keywords till you can find relevant keywords with absolutely low competition and a decent amount of reasonable searches.
2.    Input your keywords from the keyword research or analysis in the title, tags, and description and also ensure that it is also included throughout your post. Also maintain a keyword density of about 1 – 2.5%, because you might want to avoid your article getting stocked with keywords.
3.    In your quest for optimizing your website or blog for search engines to pick up, make sure you don’t lose optimization for your readers also. If you are trying as much as possible to make your blog rank and on the long run your blog post gets stocked with keywords thereby reducing the quality of your content and your readers can’t even make a meaning out of the post then optimization is useless.
4.    Use your keywords in the first sentence and last sentence of your post.
5.    Ensure you use the keyword also to name the image in your post link
6.    Always ensure that your keyword is in your permalink. For instance, if one of your keywords is make money blogging, then your permalink should look like this
7.    There are so many High PR article directory and article submission sites to get a link back to your blog, links like this are often referred to as quality backlinks. You can carry out a search on article directories and submit your posts.
8.    Make use of the H1, H2 and H3 tags with your keywords.
Lastly, your overall Alexa ranking and your blogs age can also help with your posts being indexed by Google and other search engines.
Don’t get discouraged if your blog doesn’t rank immediately as natural SEO means may take some time. I hope these tips help you to get free traffic to your blog.

Here is a list of some High PR article directories where you can submit your articles for a backlink.

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