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The only complaint I have heard from bloggers over time is about their blog not getting enough natural traffic. Meanwhile, if you have to make money from blogging, then SEO and traffic are the way to go. Most times I wonder if many bloggers will be able to get patient enough to build their blogs to the extent that they start getting more web traffic or organic traffic. Every blogger wants to start a blog and make money the same day.

However, we can’t talk about how to make money by blogging without talking about getting traffic and also search engine optimization. I believe that the idea of how to SEO your blog might be overwhelming and might seem rather confusing to you. I will be giving you some rather simple blog optimization checklist that even newbies can follow and get results. You can try this out when putting out your next post. As you are getting started to make money from your blog, you might have heard about SEO, and the first thing you do is to Google what it means. However, with so much to learn about online business, MLM, how to make blogs, partaking in internet marketing training courses, training others, and following up on leads, with all of this SEO still comes in place for every blogger.

Most search engine optimization consultants and those who provide SEO software always make it seem so complicated that an average or newbie blogger will feel like they can never be able to do it on their own, and if you refuse to buy their guideline, then you are going to fail. They are also online to make money just like you are also trying to make money blogging, but their marketing finesse is so powerful and respectable.

I am not an SEO expert as it were, but I have been able to learn a lot throughout the year as a blogger and writer. So it’s not something so difficult, and these are things you can do yourself to get your blog showing up naturally on Googles first page without any paid advert.

However, you don’t have to do every blog optimization tips I will be sharing, but when you have the opportunity to do over and over again, you will surely know it all and as a matter of fact become second nature.

Writing an optimized blog post for search engines is just the same way. There is a lot to consider at the beginning, but the good news is that you don’t have to kill yourself over a mistake, you can always go back to optimize your older posts.

Here are a few Search engine optimization checklist for bloggers and website owners.

Number one most important step is to choose up to 3 keywords your blog post will be about and focus on them in your post. Have a sound knowledge of what you want to write about and include them in your post naturally. Here is a tool is known as the Google Keyword Tool (more on this in subsequent post) which can help you in getting keyword ideas.

You blog title should be elaborate, informative, in form of a question, giving a command, or just come up with something creative to capture the minds of your readers. I have posted topics about this in my previous blog posts. Also, include your keyword phrase in the first four words of your title.

Ensure that the keyword phrase is also included the permalink of your blog post. Make sure that your permalinks are set to custom for example /%postname%.html so that the URL can include your keywords.

  • Add keyword phrase all through the blog post and bold them. Here is a breakdown of where you should include keywords in your post:
  • In the first paragraph of the blog post
  • In the subheadings within the post.
  • Use keywords in names and titles of images you use in your post.
  • When using anchor text if you are linking to any other site or your site, instead of using generic text such as “click here,” you can use text that is descriptive of what your reader will find on the page you are linking to.
  • In the last paragraph of the post.

Get the “All in one SEO pack” plugin and install it immediately on your blog if you don’t have it already. It can be simply put as AIO SEO.

  • In the title area of the AIO SEO Pack, enter the unique blog title which contains the primary keyword that is relevant to your post on every page on your blog.
  • Your title should be keyword rich and at the same time fascinating and readable for audiences who may come across your post online.
  • This title will also be used as your retweets by your readers if you use some share buttons on your blog.
  • This title will be what your readers will see in the top left-hand corne4r of their computer when looking at your post.
  • This same title will show up within your post.
  • This title doesn’t have to be same as your blog post title URL.

In the description area of the AIO SEO Pack input a brief description of your blog post and make it as interesting as possible so your readers will want to read it. Include keywords relevant to your blog post in the description.

In the keywords section of the AIO SEO Pack use a few keywords. Ensure you include the keywords you want your blog to rank for, also include your main keywords also. Make sure you use keywords that are relevant and fit into your content.

Use the keywords in your blog categories.

Use anchor text that links to older blog posts that you have written that are also relevant to the one you are writing.

Conclusively, you don’t have to do all these things to optimize your blog as this SEO tips might be overwhelming for some. If you can only focus one thing, let it be on the All in One SEO pack. SEO will become a natural thing as you won’t have to think about it every time you write a post as you begin to follow this steps. Implement these top SEO tips to enhance your web page ranking and get people to read your content so as to help others and you make money online blogging.

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