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Keyword Analysis and SEO tips to help you make money from blogging online

If you can understand the real SEO keyword to rank your blog, this will allow you to compete for the first position on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and the interesting part is that traffic from there is entirely free, you don’t have to hire an SEO company or SEO expert if you can follow the steps I will be showing you here. You can’t talk about how to make a blog without talking about SEO and getting organic traffic to your website. You can have more than 500 visits in one day from organic searches, provided that they search for your keywords, and your blog comes up top in the SERP.

When you are writing you’re your mainkeyword research, keyword analysis, blogger keyword research, seo keywords blog post, you should always consider relevancy, and this is of high importance. The main reason you are making use of SEO tools and tactics and writing this main piece of content is to generate new audiences and get leads and also convert new leads into making money. Don’t make the mistake of not doing a little keyword search before starting, which is what you are doing now.

The Google Keyword Tool should be your most nice tool as a blogger, just search the word “keyword tool” in the Google search bar. It’s a good visual tool for analyzing your keywords. You will want to ensure that you know the technicalities behind how users use keywords are used from the user’s perspective. After doing this over and over again it will become natural and fun.

Now, let’s say you have some keywords in mind already, and you go to Google’s Keyword Tool to begin the analysis to start the research. According to research, internet geeks have been able to figure out that the average first position in the SERP gets up to 41.2% clicks, the second position on the result page gets 11.9% clicks and the third position gets 8.5%. However, it is necessary to make use of these SEO tactics and tricks so that you will get tons of traffic.

However, here is a simple calculation. I know many people don’t like calculation, but this is as simple as it gets.

Keywords local monthly searches/ 30 = daily searches

Then multiply the daily searches by 41.2% clicks that were discussed earlier that websites that are ranked on top the result page gets. This is going to be the approximate amount of traffic your site gets if you are ranked on top. This is your target.

If you want to see the competitive results your keywords get. Input the keyword in quotes in the google search bar and see the outcome. Ensure you stay below 40,000 to 50,000 and you will be in a good position to use that keyword for your main blog post. You can also make use of the Google Wonder Wheel (get more info) and other available tools to base your keyword research on.

Let me give you some SEO tactics to help you for keyword positioning related to your blog.

Ensure your keywords are contained in the title of your blog post.

Ensure it is contained throughout your content preferably in the first and last paragraph. Have at least one bold keyword.

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Try to use your keywords in the ALT attribute when using images in your posts.

Ensure that you use your keyword also at least once in the URL, Meta description and also include it naturally in your blog content.

Lastly, ensure that your keywords always come up naturally in your posts as this are the main focus here.

In the next post I will be talking on How to do keyword research, What is a keyword in SEO? and also How to use the google keyword analysis tool

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