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TOP highly prized Blog traffic generation tips

blog traffic, website traffic, make money blogging, start a blog, setting up a blogIt’s not appropriate for you to start a blog and not get traffic on the blog, it can be such a boring adventure when you find it difficult to get your blog read and even to make money with your blog will be such a hard nut to crack. The question of how can I get more traffic? Is what most bloggers and website owner’s ask each time, both on social media and forums. It’s a universal problem for all online marketers.
Traffic is the main source of income for online marketers. You may have an awesome website, but without a reasonable amount of traffic, your website is just non-existing. People get to sell their products every day, and even those who promote affiliate products want to know how to get traffic to their products. However, some others might be asking How can I get more traffic? Either you are looking for traffic or more traffic, I will be showing you ways you can get more traffic to your website or blog.

Generate new content daily
You should always post fresh contents daily on your site. Your visitors will always come back for more juicy information, tips or freebies just like they got the last time, but if you are not able to get it on every day, you will be experiencing a reduction in traffic flow to your website. They will always come back if they know they will get fresh information and tips every day. You also need to know that getting original content is also paramount as this cannot be overemphasized.

Website evaluation/ critique
This might not be a direct traffic source, it’s important that you have someone preferably an expert evaluate your website from a user’s point of view, I have offered free website evaluation to people in forums and after telling them what to do, they have been able to get positive results. Always ensure your website or blog is visually appealing and easy to navigate so your visitors can be enticed and make them want to visit again.

Guest blogging
Most bloggers have been using the guest blogging technique for a very long time. Meanwhile, most people think it’s no longer effective. It’s a SEO tactic you shouldn’t underestimate, and it will not only help you get new readers it will also give you a backlink to your website. Guest blogging might sometimes prove blog traffic, website traffic, make money blogging, start a blog, setting up a blogto be a time-consuming task, but believe me, it will give you the opportunity to display your knowledge and also enhance your status in the blogging community which will give people the thrill to visit your blog.

Content marketing
This is a very powerful tool that every blogger should make use of outrightly. Content distribution can be in the form of newsletters, ebooks, press release, and blog posts, and this will enhance your authority in your niche and help you drive massive traffic. Ensure you use this tactic.

Article marketing
Many people are still doubtful of how effective this traffic generation method is. Don’t get caught up by neglecting this powerful tool; you will be missing out on a great traffic generation source.

Forum posting
Make yourself a force to reckon with in your niche in forums. Always get involved in discussions with valuable points that will make people want to check your profile and know more about you. Establish yourself as an authority in your chosen niche. You can start a new thread or probably use an existing thread provided it’s related to your topic of discussion. Also, ensure you leave your blog URL in each post.

Yahoo Answers and Quora
You can get to answer questions related to your product offerings and niche, ensure you provide valuable answers to questions and establish your authority, this way you can get to pick up potential clients in the course of answering questions. I also answer questions on Quora that is related to making money blogging or starting a blog and SEO niche and most times I quote keywords with a link to the content on my blog, and this gives my blog more exposure and traffic. You can also get to do this, quite straightforward and easy.

PPC (Pay per Click) Advertising
If you can invest lots of money in getting paid traffic, you can use PPC, and I can assure you it’s a very effective way to generate immediate traffic to your website. You can use Bing Ads, Google AdWords to create a PPC campaign and get your traffic rolling.

Making money blogging after setting up a blog can come as easy as possible if you can leverage on the right traffic avenues to get massive traffic to your blog. If you can apply the above traffic generation tips, then you will surely experience an influx of traffic on your blog.

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