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How to make money blogging online

blogging, make money blogging online, cash blogging, make money bloggingMany people have a blog, and they are still clueless on how to turn this tool as a means of making lots of money online. Most especially if you are in a niche market, have you ever believed that your blog can make money for you? Meanwhile, scores of people already know that, but they are not keying into the right direction to make lots of money blogging online. What most bloggers do is that once they don’t get Google Adsense approval to monetize their blog they think it’s all over. There are more ways to monetize your blog than just Google Adsense; there are lots of Adsense alternatives which you can explore and still get rich from blogging. I can say emphatically that blogging is one of the ways to make money online fast. In this short article, I will be telling you some Adsense alternatives and also how to monetize your blog.
Firstly, let’s look critically at what requirements you need to have before you start making money from blogging.

  • Your blog site should have a particular niche market, which when people need an accurate information, your blog will be the go-to site for that information.
  • Upgrade your website on a regular basis.
  • Ensure you have sufficient backlinks, but you can still make do with directory sites for a start then you start building backlinks later on for SEO.
  • Fresh and original posts or story with interesting photos.
    Once you can get this, then you are on your way to start making money with your blog.

Let’s get into it,

                                                                   TOP 4 ways to make money Blogging

#1 Google Adsense

Google Adsense supplies photo and content adverts to ONLY accredited websites and blogs which are dependent on the material of their site. Once you are approved all you need is to post a little code st strategic areas on the web page. Google discusses the income gotten from marketers whenever visitors click these adverts. Google Adsense operates on a Pay per Click (PPC) basis, and marketers just need to pay when any site visitor clicks their ads. The bid is on a keyword basis, so ads show based on your site keywords. It is advisable to select keywords for your blog site based on the ones that pay high dollars for each click.

#2 Amazon.com

Amazon.com associate program is an additional means of making cash blogging. Amazon Associate program offers the possibility to website owners to advertise any product from its stock by inputting a predefined code on their blog which when clicked by a visitor will take them to the appropriate product web page. When the visitor purchases the goods the site owner will earn a commission. For those asking about how to make money through Amazon associate program, you have a little info there. This method is also a way of making money with your blog.

#3 Associate Programs

Associate programs could help you in making lots of cash for selected products and services. A large number of internet sites supply you to become an associate participant. These associate programs can give you a better clench and also an extensive direct contact with the products. Payments for these products vary according to companies, sales and also marketing and advertising methods applied. You can make a list of the compensations by considering the brochures of Link Share and also Commission Joints.

#4 Text Links

Text web links is also an effective method, bent on being the most efficient type of money making resource that you can use instead of cluttering or populating your webpage with ads. You don’t have to make this web links popular within your website. This web link can function as an added value to your site and also aid to advertise the positions of other websites. In many cases, you will notice that these web links helps your website rank. The most active component of this method is that the website owner sends out as well as appropriate links as the marketplace continue to increase.

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