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Effectively Drive More Blog Readers with Visual Content (TOP 5 METHODS)

Here is what most people love about visual content, first, it saves time however 1000 words long text can be translated into a 1-minute video or highly engaging infographics. Secondly, it is easy to share; social media love visuals. Moreover, lastly, visual items displays your products or services instead of telling people about them; this is the enormous advantage that visual contents offers, it is 80% remembered than text or articles.

Here are 5 ways to effectively drive more blog readers through the use of visual contents

  1. Infographics

This is an efficient way of transforming texts with bullet points into an engaging and shareable visual content. Visual is more effective in presenting statistical data, or ideas as only listing digits, facts and figures can bore your readers to death. These days you do not have to worry about not been proficient in Photoshop to help you create compelling infographics. There are lots of tools online that can help you create infographics.

  1. User-generated content

You can engage your users by inspiring them to create some visual contents which are always a win-win tactic. You assist them to place their visual content for free and help them get noticed on virtual platforms. Meanwhile, they also get to share their contents with more people thereby making your platform popular. For example, slideshow, Renderforest, and others have a section where visual contents created by their users are displayed.

  1. Screenshots, Screenshares and webinars

Screenshots are great tools for bloggers, as this helps them to communicate their ideas to their audience. You do not have to rack your brain over an expensive and elegant design. Screenshots are simple and free to create with appropriate explanations and quotes. This can be done without you having to break the bank or alter your schedule.

If you have a blog focused on let’s say education, you can use screenshare to add up to your guides. Create a screenshare video course which can be a compilation of your old blog posts. This will not only freshen up your website, but it will also improve your shareability.

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Webinars is also an awesome visual tool that can contribute to improving reader’s engagement on your site when you get to present courses and information to live audience. You will have to take some time to prepare the structure and topic and also the main concept of the webinar which is always time-consuming but at the end, it will pay-off this is because you will end up building a long-term value to your audience which is a sure way of attracting more thrill to your website.

  1. Videos

Videos on landing page improve conversion rates by more than 80%. So why don’t you create a fun and short promo video to engage your visitors right from when they land on your website. Do a short video to introduce your brand of product; there are lots of video tools that can help you create this videos within minutes just for a token.

  1. Images

As they say “seeing is believing” also “seeing is persuading.” According to “Hubspot, content with images and photos increases the social media engagement by almost 44%!” However, it is only natural that people tend to remember your brand or product by making reference to images rather than plain text. Images, when used in online contents, enhances shareability and visibility. You need to be professional in doing this because you will want to avoid copyright issues.


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